Do you know what I’ve been waiting for?

The official launch of! I’ve been a writer for many years and my journey started in Ohio writing for our local newspaper. You see I was part of a community of freelance writers and literally wrote for free for a few years. What I have truly loved is that writing from the heart has always been my main focus. The rest of the opportunities have come full circle because of it. I look back to the early years and realize that I have been blessed in so many ways. It started as a community project and I ended up landing a writing gig with my own column.

You see when you start off with your dream it has a way of unweaving on its own. The way it’s supposed to. Then along came a few stories in two books and I have been trying to get into Chicken Soup for the Soul books, well since forever. I vow to check it off of my bucket list for sure. You just wait and see.

Here’s what you need to know about going after your dream: It takes work, a lot of it! It takes a big dose of your commitment too. Rejection is all part of the process. I learned that early on. Was it scary and sad? Yes, it was at first. However, it was short lived.

Rejection means that you are trying. If you are not getting rejected that means you are in limbo. The good news is that the more that you do it the better that you get at it. Rejection doesn’t mean that you are not good enough. It means that what you’re offering may not be a fit for that particular market.

I will tell you though that dreams are very much worth chasing. All it takes are some tips on knowing where to start when you are ready to get moving.


Tip #1
Write down your dreams on paper. Make a declaration, it becomes official the minute that you do that on paper. It’s also your first feel good moment on the beginning of your journey. I highly recommend it.

Tip #2
Share your dream with someone that will support you no matter what. That one person that will keep you going when the day comes that you feel like quitting. There will be that one day you can count on it! All that you will want to do is cry and give up, but guess what? You’re not allowed to quit. It’s that simple.

Tip #3
Invest in a business coach. It is so worth it! I am so glad that I invested in one. She is none other than the beautiful and talented Linda Mendible and you can find her at She is amazing!

Tip #4
Determine what your short term goals and long term goals are. Having short term goals will make your overall dream seem more likely to come true. Keep in mind that your Big dream takes time. Anything worth having always takes a lot of your time. By having your short term goals in place you set yourself up for the big win.

Tip #5
Stay committed to your dream no matter what! Surround yourself with positive like-minded people that will keep you inspired. Don’t listen to negative talk because it is a time waster. Indulge in personal development by reading books that inspire you to be your best self. The kind of books that lift you up. I personally listen to various podcasts like and along with my reading.

When I decided to do the photo shoot for my website it started off as something personal that I was doing for myself. I wanted to have fun taking pics to give to my husband, our boys, my parents and my sisters. But guess what happened next? I was blessed to meet up with my business coach and talk about planning to move forward with my dream. Talk about divine intervention at its best!

How awesome is that?

The day that I did my photo shoot I continued to be all in. I invested in getting my makeup done professionally with my lovely beauty coach extraordinaire Shannon Sharpe of ConversionzStudios. I got some awesome photographers with SmileNation Photography that exceeded my expectations. I’ve never taken so many pictures in my life!
Can you imagine someone making you feel like a superstar?

I also wanted to highlight my love of Archery in my pics. The important thing is to do whatever it is that will make you happy on your pursuit of your dream. Make it special you are definitely worth it! It’s your journey and your story.

So why not make it memorable?