Are you in control of your dream on a daily basis?

Embarking on the journey towards your dream means that you must also add discipline. When you first start off on your journey you experience star struck wonder. You are in a land like no other totally fascinated with all of the amazing possibilities.

You can still have all of these things, but in order to grow, self-discipline is a must.

I’d like to share some tips that will help you stay focused with intention while going after your dream.

Do you need self-discipline?

When you are going after your dream you must get serious and really have a plan of action. If you are not strategic about this then things get lost along the way. Those things could be inspiration and motivation.

The most helpful thing that you can get is a planner. A hard copy always works best. Don’t forget the cool apps that you can use on your phone. is a great choice to help keep you on track. The sticky notes on your tablet or laptop are helpful too.

Do you have some favorite apps that are tech savvy for you?

All dreams start off with a wish and when you get intentional they sort of morph into a design of sorts. It’s the morphing process that takes your dream from a wish to a reality. But in order to do that you start by simply doing.

Ever wish you would start and finish something?

That is how a dream works. First you decide if you have what it takes to follow through the process. Trust me it will be tedious at times, but so worth doing. Make a list of the things that you have to do in order to make sure you will be able to start and finish.

Have some goals in mind that you know will help you see them through. Look at your why. Why are you pursuing your dream?

What are you willing to let go of that is holding you back from being all in?

Yes, there will be things that will try to hold you back. Maybe it is a past experience that is hindering you from your true potential. When you fail at something it can leave an ugly mark on your pride.

However getting over that failure and learning from that experience is what will help to propel you forward. The people who have succeeded can always tell you about the numerous times they failed at something.

What if airplanes didn’t exist? Maybe a cell phone or other awesome inventions not ever having been invented. Those dreams took many failed attempts, but they did reach their destination in being successful.

Why did they become successful dreams?

They became a success because each dreamer believed in their dream strongly enough.

There might have been plenty of moments when those dreamers wanted to quit and not finish. Digging deep enough into their why helped them finish what they started.

What can you do to get into that type of mindset?

Self-discipline can be the catalyst to your dream being a success too.

The dream within you is meant to be shared with others, but most importantly it’s meant to be done by none other than You. Find those like-minded folks that will push you. The ones that will help hold you accountable.

Knowing that one person that will tell you like it is will be a game changer. Why? Since nobody likes to hear what they are doing wrong they sometimes give up before the going gets too tough. Develop thick skin, don’t take it personally.

What is the worst thing that could happen?

When someone tells you to take a hard look at those things you just do it. Indecisiveness is like having a bad hair day. You have the chance to make it look great or skip the hard work and not really put in any effort to make it look really nice.

Look at where you have been with your efforts and what you can do now to be more intentional. Maybe viewing it as a challenge will be the incentive that you need. Think big and getting to the next level. The ball is now left in your court so go ahead and make a slam dunk.

Are you ready for it?


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