This week the question comes from Elena.

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed with my day-to-day job. By the time I get home I feel too tired to do anything else after a stressful day. As much as I want to complete my life goals I find myself procrastinating. How do I stop procrastinating?” 

How do I stop procrastinating?

It seems as if no matter how bad you want to complete your goals you find ways to put them off. At first you are headstrong in going after them. Then you manage to get on the hamster wheel.

Working at your day job gives me the impression that it isn’t your first choice. Having a job while pursuing your goals is common. If your goal is to get a different career then you have to put in the time now.

Think of your time after work as your motivation in accomplishing your goals. By looking at your time as an opportunity it changes your mindset.

Completing your goals takes discipline. Try focusing on being committed to dedicating time to your goals after work.

Find time to get active. It might mean getting up earlier and squeezing in a workout. If you would rather do it after work than that might mean sacrificing something else. Look at it as a trade-off for the greater good.

Incorporating fitness into your schedule will help you from feeling tired each day. It is about setting up your day for success.

Keep your goals visible.

Put your goals in a place where you can see them daily. It is one thing to write them down and another to keep them hidden from your view.

Ask yourself if your goal is something that you want. How important is it to you? Having a day job is not the main reason that you are procrastinating.

A scary goal that stretches and pulls you out of your comfort zone might be hindering you. When your goal causes you fear it prevents you from completing it. However, that is only if you give it permission to.

Revisit your real reason of why you are procrastinating. By being honest with yourself you will find that it will either make you commit to it or make you quit.

Get rid of excuses and go for it.

Are your excuses bigger than your goals? They may seem like they are until you start to break them down. When you start getting rid of them you will begin to see results.

Your days of procrastination will be a thing of the past. Actions get you to where you want to be. Without action you stay in the same place.

Think of your excuses as a roadblock on your path. It’s up to you to figure out if its worth your time to go around it.

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