How Do I Get Out Of This Slump?

This weeks question comes from Kelly.

“I have been trying to be successful as an entrepreneur, but am having trouble staying motivated. I love what I do, but still feel like I’m not good enough. I see other people who are way more successful than I am. This makes me feel intimidated and makes me feel like going back to a 9-5 job. At least that is reliable. I have to admit I do feel like quitting. How do I get myself out of this slump?”

I would love to say that I can relate to all that you are saying, but I also have a current day job myself. I would enjoy being in your shoes, but I do know that it does come with a price.

Being an entrepeneur takes commitment, dedication, focus and sacrifice. Maybe you left your day job that provided a safety net and you pursued your calling.

First of all congratulations for taking the leap. That is a big deal! That takes a lot of guts. It sounds like you might be experiencing a little bit of imposter syndrome.

This is where you do not feel qualified to do what you are doing. When you start comparing yourself to others you fall victim to this. You perceive them as more successful and then start losing your worth in the process.

You then feel less than qualified and you will start doubting yourself. Are you doing what it takes to be successful? Or are you simply filling in your time with the tasks that are easier to do?

Get Out Of Slump With Work That Counts

Are you avoiding the hard work? This could include the work that scares you or that takes you out of your comfort zone.

If it, is what is the worst thing that could happen if you did it? I bet that whatever it is you would overcome that feeling. In the end you would feel mighty proud of yourself and empowered too.

Do you have a strong support system? This includes your tribe of personal cheerleaders that have the ultimate faith in what you are doing. Surround yourself with like-minded people who want the same thing that you do: to succeed.

All of the people who you consider successful had to do the hard work. They did the things that they didn’t feel like doing and the things that scared them the most.

Think of how far you have come. Write it down in a notebook. Now set up your plan of action.

Yes, this means including those scary things that you have been putting off. Those are the very things that have held you in the same spot. The anchors that haven’t gotten you out of your slump.

Decide Where You Go From Here

You have two important visions in front of you. The first is you on the verge of giving up and quitting altogether. The second is you succeeding because you never gave up and refused to quit.

Which vision will you choose?

You are capable of all that you believe that you can do. It is not about how you feel. Get your mind in the right place.

It is about how you see yourself winning when you get to the finish line. That vision alone is priceless.

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