Building Up Courage to Let Go

“This weeks question comes from Sonia.

F.E.A.R-How do you build up the courage to move on and let go?'”

That is a great question because we all face that at one time or another. It’s different for everyone. Fear keeps you from moving on because it causes you to face your biggest obstacle: you.

You are your own worst enemy when you decide to keep hitting the replay button on your issue. All the what ifs consume your thoughts. I have news for you. It doesn’t make you happy.

It is a time sucker and it will deplete you of your joy. You deserve to be happy instead of being burdened with whatever has a stronghold on your life.

Easier said than done right?

There is no magic formula with this. It all depends on how long you want to hold on to it. How many more hours do you want to give to your fear?

Try measuring the time that it has taken from you. What could you have been doing instead of holding on to the memories of your situation? I bet that you could think of a variety of interesting things that you could have done instead.

Moving on one step at a time

In order to let go you have to take one step at a time. Grab a notebook and list all of ┬áthe negative things that you are holding on to. What has it taken from your life? Holding on to the things that don’t serve a purpose is hard, but letting go means reclaiming your power.

Isn’t that more comforting?

All the what ifs on your issue won’t change what has already taken place. It’s done and now you have an opportunity to relinquish it back to where it should go: straight to the trash. Bury it once and for all by taking small steps to moving on.

Moving on from a negative experience is so rewarding. It gives you peace of mind and that is freedom my friend. You are no longer bound to being afraid of letting it go. It no longer controls your happiness.

You get your time back, there is no hitting replay and having to go through that negative experience. Find ways to keep busy. Start by doing things that you like to do.

Maybe it is a good time to start pursuing something that you have always wanted to try. Start hanging out with the people who you love and that enjoy your company too. Surround yourself with others that lift you up not bring you down.

Fear is only as real as you allow it to be. It’s the villain in your story. Remember though that you indeed are your own superhero.

It’s time to stand up tall, shoulders back and wear your cape proudly. That is what it takes to embrace your courage and get the life that you’re meant to live.

Now get out there and be amazing again! You have what it takes once you finally let go.

Are you ready?

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