5 Things I Learned at the Spirit of Women Conference

Traveling to Atlanta, Georgia from North Carolina turned out to be the best way to spend a weekend at the Westin Peachtree Plaza. When you get like-minded people in the same room together you are in for a win. There is nothing better than filling up on a huge dose of inspiration.

I had heard of Judy Goss through her former job as an editor for More magazine and presently through her radio show: What Women Want Talk Radio that airs each week on LA Talk Radio. That is how I got acquainted with her and her co-host Kristin West a very talented actress and producer

I knew for sure that I wanted to attend this conference after having been a fan of their radio show. If they could inspire me over the air I was in for a treat in real life. I also wanted to extend my gratitude and show my support.

1. Networking Genuinely

The power of a well thought out conference is the ability to have participants network in a genuine way. There isn’t a sense of false pretenses and the people attending are all after something tangible that they can use. That is usually in the form of networking with others.

This conference provided the means to do that with people who had genuine interests. Not only did you get to network you found people from all walks of life that were there to make connections. I found that I was able to make some really great connections with special people.

2. Embracing All Of The Messy Things

Kelly McNelis, the founder of Women for One and the author of “Your Messy Brilliance: 7 Tools For The Imperfect Woman” had a flair for getting women to talk about all of the messy moments in their life. I can’t say that I was exempt from that myself, but she did it in a way that made you feel like talking about it.

It was like a shedding a layer of clothing that you didn’t plan on taking off.

In her workshop it was a time to embrace being vulnerable with your messy moments. Some women broke into tears and I am sure the ones that stayed silent had a lot to think about afterwards. If you wanted the weight to be lifted off of your shoulders this was the workshop to attend.

3. Everyone Starts Somewhere

What I liked about each presenter and panelist is that they all had a story to share. When most people see a person that has achieved success they don’t always know what got them there. They had their share of struggles along the way.

We are all human and end up having to start over. There are moments when one will learn from a tough time or hardship. It will determine whether or not to quit.

I can say that hearing some of their stories made me sad for what they had to go through. Yet, there is a positive takeaway when you hear how they overcame it.

4. Community is Important

Being part of this conference made me feel like there was a strong presence of community with other women. We were all there to encourage one another. To be a listener at times also. I had the pleasure of making some new friends at the same time.

I am still on cloud nine from all of the things that I learned and from having some great conversations with other women. Women that were also pursuing a dream the same way I was by starting and not stopping.

I received some great advice from some amazing women that I believe saw something in me too. That is priceless. I am forever grateful for the support and encouragement. I loved encouraging others as well.

5. Keep Going

The theme of this conference was to keep going. Two very simple words that sometimes will cause you to have self-doubt in your abilities. That is why attending a conference like this one is your key to success. You get filled up on the things that will help you in your business and with your goals.

How many people do you know that succeeded by quitting?

I don’t either. No matter what your dream is know this: it is attainable. It will not be given to you freely. You will have to work for it.

However, in the meantime register for a conference like this one and do what needs to be done to get empowered again. Know that there is always something that you can learn from and apply in your own life.

The buzz is that there will be another Spirit of Women Conference in the future. You better believe I will be at that one too. A person with a dream never quits. In fact they have been known to do this very thing: keep going.

What about you, will you do the same?