Follow your Dream Despite the Doubt

Blogging weekly this past year has taught me how to be consistent. I have connected with some amazing people and made new friendships.

Do you have a dream that you have put on hold?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that all dreams take time. Not everyone starts out rolling in the dough. It’s not about that anyway. Making money is important eventually, but the main reason should be more than that.

It should be something that you are passionate about. It’s that one thing that you can’t wait to get up and start each day.

I have friends that almost gave up on their dream and quitting seemed like the logical choice. These were women with full-time jobs and families. There was plenty of balancing on what to do and what not to do.

Try Not to Second Guess

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Photo Credit-Linda Mendible

Starting your dream is the most exciting thing that you can do. It feels great! Yet, when your inner circle questions what you are doing; you end up second guessing your decision. This is self-doubt tapping you on the shoulder.

My advice to you is this: ignore the naysayers and tell your self-doubt to take a hike. It sounds harsh, but it will keep you on your path to success. Prove them wrong.

I have had my share of people that have questioned my journey as a writer. Do you know what I do in those situations? I listen and then I move on to do it despite what they think.

Now I’m talking about those that come in with the critique ammo to tear down your dream. If it is sound advice from someone that loves you hear them out. It’s up to you in the end to decide what is best for you.

Know that you will encounter obstacles along the way. They are part of the process. It may not be your favorite thing to do, but it is in your journey.

It’s during those phases of failure, of things going wrong, of waiting that are the true test. This is what separates the winners from the quitters. You end up finding out if you are resilient.

Any successful person that you admire has done their share of the work. You will too. Your dream gets its fuel from you alone.

Remember to be genuine in your pursuit. People can tell the difference. Plus, it’s a great feeling knowing that you are being genuine from the beginning.

Look for other like-minded people that you can network with. There is a strong sense of community when you find others that share your vision and interests. It is a support group at the same time.

Do your homework. What have others done before you? Look for a mentor that can guide you, but always keep it brief. The key is to respect their time.

There are 365 days in a year. This means that each day holds an opportunity for you. It also means that some days you will have to keep sacred.

Days that will be meant for time with your family, friends and for a little self-care. You get the chance to dictate when those days will be.

This year is almost coming to an end. Evaluate where you are now and how you started 2017. Think of your future and what you want to pursue in 2018.

There will always be others doing something like what you do. Don’t let it stop you from what you are called to do though. What you bring to the table is unique to you.

Figure out a way on how you can do it differently. The world is big enough for all of those chasing their dreams. You included.

Now go run with it.

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Photo Credit-Linda Mendible